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HIMI-CityU GIMI創新管理認證(第1級)

HIMI-CityU GIMI創新管理認證(第1級)培訓課程是香港創新管理學院(全球創新管理學院的香港分部)與城市大學繼續專業教育學院(SCOPE)的獨特合作夥伴關係。

我們著名的課程匯集了來自不同行業的業務專業人士和管理人員,他們灌輸了創新思維的新方式並迎接獨特的挑戰。 該課程為學生提供決策業務創新所需的技能,以改變他們的專業業務環境和個人生活。

HIMI-CityU GIMI第一類課程(1級)於2020年10月20日下午7:00在SCOPE開課。

The HIMI-CityU GIMI Innovation Management Certification (Level 1) training course is a unique partnership between the Hong Kong Innovation Management Institute (the Hong Kong arm of Global Innovation Management Institute) and the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE) of City University of Hong Kong.

Our renowned course brings together business professionals and managers from across different industries instill a new way of innovative thinking and embrace unique challenges. The course equips students with the skills needed to make business innovation decisions to transform both their professional business environment and their personal life.

The first class of HIMI-CityU GIMI Course (Level 1) was commenced at 7:00pm at SCOPE on 20 Oct 2020. The course was led by Mr. David Chung, the Chairman of HIMI and the introduction of HIMI was presented by Mr. Inno Man, the President of HIMI.

香港創新管理學院(Hong Kong Innovation Management Institute, HIMI),全球最具規模的創新管理師資歷認證機構, 環球創新管理學院(Global Innovation Management Institute, GIMI),在中國及香港地區的代表機構。HIMI是非牟利學院。

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