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恢復力的例行程序 (下) Resilience Routine 2


You will learn five steps to take every morning (Before you do anything else), Each of these things is worth doing on its own. But when you do them together they give you a massive energy and wellness boost that lasts you all day.


The most natural way in the world of lifting your mood right now.

Animals do it, and we used to, before we got dragged into our busy lives.

當目標太巨大, 你可將巨大目標拆細處理,每日一小步

When the problems seem so big, how can you break them down into smaller size of action ? Try out Baby Steps

每日一小步, 大不同,共勉之。

Small Steps makes a great difference.

Natalie Wong - Career Muse 職場解難師, 活潑好動HR 人,工作恢復力導師,RTHK 電台主持,節目監製(職場及綜合健康), 職涯規劃師, 認證職業服務商, 前上市集團人力資源主管。 熱衷於以媒體盛載知識,解決問題。 享受結合人事管理、 輔導、心理健康、 腦科學、 營養等知識,鼓勵上班族樂享全健生活。

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